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20.07 - 27.07.2023
Athens, greece


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An exciting opportunity is coming up for you to participate in a youth exchange program between Greece and Germany titled “Active Youth – Healthy Future.” This project aims to inspire and motivate you to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle in your everyday life. By participating in the program, you will engage in various physical activities and outdoor games, gain knowledge about healthy food, and explore exciting places where you will learn about the history and origins of Olympic sports.

The youth exchange will take place in Athens and Nea Makri from July 20th to July 27th. The program will combine sports activities such as basketball or football with thematic city tours and walks in nature. During the program, you will interact with participants from Greece and Germany, exchange practices and ideas, and explore new cultural and spatial environments in a practical and performative manner.

As the Roman poet Juvenal famously said, “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” or “Mens sanain corpore sano.” We hope that after completing the project, you will feel healthier physically and psychologically. You will also raise awareness about your eating habits and change them to become healthier and more sustainable. The program will introduce you to various sports and physical activities that you can implement in your everyday life, train your physical skills, and strengthen your self-confidence and ability for self-defense.

In addition to personal growth, you will develop intercultural competencies and a deeper understanding of other cultures by getting to know participants from different countries. You will also act collectively and develop a feeling of collaboration and empathy.

This program is a unique opportunity to grow personally and socially while having fun and making new friends. We encourage you to apply and be a part of this amazing experience.

For further information download the INFOPACK.


our requirements

You are expected to participate in all the activities unless you are ill.
Unauthorised absence from activities and workshops is not permitted. If less than 90% of the program is attended, it will not be possible to cover the travel and the program costs.

If you insure expenses during the project that have been discussed and approved with us, we ask that you keep all invoices, original bills, and boarding passes.


it's important to read before applying

The project is funded by the Erasmus + Programme. The accommodation, food, exchange activities will be covered by the organisers.

In the context of non-formal education, we feel it is useful to promote community-based living, so please be prepared to keep your room clean and comfortable (no room service is provided).
You will be accommodated in 3-6 bedded rooms with participants of the same sex. Bed linen and towels are provided.
You will receive 3 meals daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner with vegetarian and vegan needs catered for. Breakfasts are made by participants according to the beforehand agreed schedule.

Please, note:
We do not welcome alcoholic beverages during the project.

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asked questions

Here is the list with answers to the most popular questions about us and what we do

Most of the international youth exchanges are targeted at young people between the ages of 12 and 30. However, more and more opportunities for children are developed with each year. International youth exchanges are basically aimed at all adolescents and young adults. The youth exchanges organised by CHANCE International are usually targeting young people from 18 to 26 (in some cases up to 30) and funded within the Erasmus + programme.

We distinguish between participant contribution and total costs. The participant contribution is 50 Euro at max, depending on the project. During 2021 there is no participation fee. If the contribution is too high, we will always find a way for you to participate in an encounter. Please contact us!

A youth exchange is financed by the organiser’s own funds, third-party funds and the participant’s contribution. Third-party funds are provided by the Federal Government from the Child and Youth Plan and European funds from the Erasmus+ youth programme. Third-party funds are applied for by the organiser or sponsor.

To participate in our projects, you should be interested in the project topic, cultural exchange and cooperation with other participants. We do not require any foreign language or other specific skills and qualifications. 

We expect our participants: 
– to be involved in all project phases;
– to co-design the project, it’s activities and results.
We welcome sharing of  knowledge and skills of participants with each other.

– all participants are obliged to take PCR tests: upon departure from Germany, upon arrival in a partner country and upon departure from it;
– participants are obliged to wear FPP2 masks in public places;
– organisers will provide masks and sanitizers for everybody during the full course of the project;
– the host party will ensure the sufficient degree of safety regarding the living conditions and program activities – for example – execution of project activities in well-ventilated areas or on fresh air, keeping a safe distance from other visitors or avoiding any outside contact when executing such activities;
– in case of infection – isolation of the participant, splitting the costs of medical treatment between three parties – receiving and sending organization and the participant.

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Still have any questions?

Call us or send an E-Mail and we’ll answer all of them.

We’re available Monday-Friday 10-16:00