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The Seminar offers an opportunity to deal with the formulation of objectives and needs of the future international youth work between the partner organisations to:
– equip the professionals with the methods of non-formal education;
– inform about the objectives and strategies of the Erasmus + program;
– plan and develop joint innovative projects with the participation of the marginalised youth.

We would like to create a solid framework for community, exchange and cooperation in order to promote and develop a lively continuous youth exchange between the partner countries, to contribute to tolerance and peace, to counteract discriminatory and racist attitudes and to sensitise professionals to diversity and living together in the migration society.


our requirements

– willingness to work together with all participants;
– full-time involvement in the program;
– the interest in the topic and ideas/methods to contribute to the program.


it's important to read before applying
The project is funded by Erasmus + Programm. The accommodation, food, exchange activities will be covered by the organisers.

Travel reimbursement
Please keep in mind that the minimum of 90% of the program has to be attended. Unauthorised absence from activities and workshops is not permitted and may cost you your travel reimbursement. To make sure that you will receive back the money you spent on the tickets, please preapprove your travel plan with coordinating organisation from your country before buying any of the tickets as there are some restrictions that has to be followed.

Please, don’t forget to validate your tickets and save all the originals of all tickets and receipts. Without it we won’t be able to make the reimbursement.

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asked questions

Here is the list with answers to the most popular questions about us and what we do

Our offers of international trainings are addressed to:
– persons 18 years and older;
– youth workers: educators, teachers, pedagogues, social workers, volunteers, youth leaders etc;
– personnel of training institutions and civil society organisations.

We distinguish between participant contribution and total costs. The participant contribution is between 50 Euro and 100 Euro, depending on the project. But most of the time it’s free! If the contribution is too high, we will always find a way for you to participate in the project. Please contact us!

Our trainings are designed for youth workers, educators etc. who would like to foster their knowledge and skills in the field of non-formal education and empower young people, to learn more about youth work strategies in the partner countries and extend intercultural background as well as to share own professional expereriences with other participants.  

We expect our participants 
– to be involved in all project phases;
– to co-design the project, it’s activities, results, evaluation and dissemination;
– to share their professional knowledge and skills with colleagues in terms of peer education.

– all participants are obliged to take PCR tests: upon departure from Germany, upon arrival in a partner country and upon departure from it;
– participants are obliged to wear FPP2 masks in public places;
– organisers will provide masks and sanitizers for everybody during the full course of the project;
– the host party will ensure the sufficient degree of safety regarding the living conditions and program activities – for example – execution of project activities in well-ventilated areas or on fresh air, keeping a safe distance from other visitors or avoiding any outside contact when executing such activities;
– in case of infection – isolation of the participant, splitting the costs of medical treatment between three parties – receiving and sending organization and the participant.

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Still have any questions?

Call us or write E-Mail and we’ll answer all of them.

We’re available Monday-Friday 10-16:00