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Active Youth - Healthy Future



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“ACTIVE YOUTH – HEALTHY FUTURE” is the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project which consisted of 2 parts and unfolded across two captivating locations: Athens, Greece, and Berlin and Bad Schandau, Germany. In this unified narrative, we present the overarching goals, activities, outcomes, and experiences that made this project an unforgettable journey.

This youth exchanges brought together young participants from Greece and Germany, spanning two age groups, 13-18 and 18-27. The project was designed to explore themes encompassing well-being, inclusion, and personal growth while addressing key priorities such as Inclusion and Diversity, Digital Transformation, Environment & Sustainability, and Participation in Democratic Life and European Values.

Participants embarked on a diverse array of activities, including team-building exercises, sports workshops (boxing, calisthenics, and volleyball), Olympics-style athletic competitions, and workshops on non-violent communication. They also immersed themselves in the cultures of Athens and Berlin, visiting museums and local points of interest. These experiences equipped participants with invaluable skills, such as enhanced communication, adaptability, and intercultural competence.

The project’s impact was palpable, particularly within the German team, which significantly improved its communication skills and team cohesion. Participants became more proactive, gained self-confidence, and adeptly navigated language barriers through non-verbal communication. We extensively documented our journey through photos and videos, sharing these memories across various social media platforms. Our aim is to inspire others to join similar initiatives in the future.

Participants faced linguistic challenges, especially between the Greek and German teams. However, their proactive approach and the unifying language of sports helped bridge this gap. In moments of need, some participants even stepped up as translators, reinforcing the project’s spirit of cooperation.

ACTIVE YOUTH – HEALTHY FUTURE, an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project, successfully united youth from Greece and Germany. It nurtured well-being, fostered inclusion, and facilitated personal growth. By embracing diverse themes and participating in a wide range of activities, participants acquired skills and experiences that will undoubtedly shape their futures.

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