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About us

Since 2011 we have been connecting youth and educational organizations and institutions from the partner countries in the field of non-formal education. Our projects are aimed at young people, youth workers, educators and these projects have diverse topics: arts, media, history, environmental education, social entrepreneurship, urbanistic and others.

core values


We see potential in each of our participants. It is important for us that all participants see opportunities in our projects to develop their creativity, initiative and participation.

Social equality

We work in international teams on an equal footing: we learn from each other and help each other. We share our experience and knowledge with others.


Our work enables synergies through the networking of participants and resources. We remain open to dialogue and open up new avenues for new partnerships.

Non-formal education

We value non-formal education and are committed to sharing its principals and methods.

asked questions

By this we mean numerous experiences and insights that our participants gather and realise in our projects, analyse and reflect on them. We learn in the process of observing, acting and thinking.

This can be, for example, international long-term meetings (5 – 14 days) where young people from different countries meet and work on a topic (environment, urban development, theatre, music, etc.) as part of a joint group program.

This can be, for example, long-term international meetings (5-10 days) where participants 18+ from different countries meet and work together on the training of certain skills/abilities, on the acquisition of certain knowledge within the framework of a joint group programme based on targeted exercises.

Regardless of the topic and format (youth exchange or training) of the project, you can learn the following with CHANCE International:
– develop initiative and courage;
– solve problems and reflect on the solutions;
– develop creativity;
– sensitise social and emotional participation.

Most of the time, our projects emerge out of the need to solve one or another problem. In cooperation with our partners, we work on the development of solutions. This is how our project ideas are born, which we develop into our projects in cooperation with our partners.
Often, the participants in our projects propose their project ideas, which then give rise to new projects.

Our projects are funded by public funding instruments (Erasmus+, KJP, etc.), private foundations and our own resources.

Our partners are any youth institutions, schools, universities from abroad as well as from Germany. You can find all of them at this page.

our team

our trainers

our team

our trainers

Hey! I’m Eldar – I was an ESC Volunteer from Russia and I did this website :) Also my sphere of interest is Social Marketing, Targeting and Web Design. Now I’m providing a digital support and working as a mentor with new volunteers. Find me everywhere – @Skhatum.

I’m Harro Bräuniger and I’m CEO of the non-profit educational organisation Chance – Bildung, Jugend und Sport gGmbH and head the CHANCE International department. I’m interested in the entire Eastern European region and laid the foundation of the department with my commitment to building up German-Russian, German-Estonian and German – Hungarian exchanges.

I’m Liliya Pishvanova and I’ve been working at Chance – Education, Youth and Sport since 2011 and continues to be committed to the development and expansion of successful international youth work. In my work, I places particular emphasis on developing the future vision for even better exchange with countries in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Within the framework of my work, I successfully develop and lead numerous international workshops and projects.

I am Alexandra Goloborodko. I organise and moderate projects with artistic and ecological focus.

My name is Julia Karlson and I am an international staff member in the Chance International Berlin team. I am involved in the planning, organisation and implementation of youth encounters and trainings. In our office, I am also responsible for communicating with the participants before, during and after the projects and I am in contact with partner organisations all over Europe.
As a doctor of cultural studies, I have extensive experience in education and project work – in higher education, in the German school system, in migration work and in town twinning in city administration.
In life, you can try out many roles and constantly evolve. From this perspective, youth exchanges and trainings for young adults are a great opportunity to gain new experiences and get to know yourself in a new way.
And something personal: I love nature, yoga, snowboarding, photography and art.

Laura Poghosyan is a founder of “altera lab” youth center in Armenia.She is holding an academic degree of Master’s in Psychology and has been involved in the non-formal education field since 10 years. She is an experienced youth worker, trainer and project manager on local and international levels with the main focus on personal development, social inclusion, non-violent communication, healthy lifestyle, youth participation, social entrepreneurship, artistic expression, intercultural learning and dialogue with the use of experiential learning and non-formal education methodology. She has extensive working experience with vulnerable target groups such as young people facing economic, social and cultural obstacles. Additionally, she is an art therapist and psychologist with the spiritual focus fostering mindfulness and emotional intelligence in her work with the participants.

I’m Kasia! Trainer and educator with more than ten years of experience in organizing educational projects for vulnerable groups of learners. I’m a co-founder and vice chairperson of Upstream Stories – an international NGO that aims at promoting participatory media methods for supporting people at risk. In my work I’m focuses on exploring how filmmaking and photography can help people create and share personal stories to present their own, unique perspectives, creating narrations that are an alternative to the stories presented in the mainstream media.

My name is Natalia. In Chance International I am working as a project coordinator. I am writing projects, work with groups as a trainer and facilitator. I have more than 12 years of experience in the field of education and youth work. In 2020 I became a member of the pool of international facilitators of Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg and a member of EENCE (Eastern European Network for Citizenship Education) as an expert from Russia.
With Chance International I have been working since 2018, we have implemented several projects together and in 2021 I have joined the team and now we are creating great projects together.

I’m Ivan! Project manager with interest in using creative methods in Education. He uses playful tools like live action role-play, digital storytelling in order to overcome barriers, reduce misunderstanding on the self-discovery journey.

I’m Andrius! Trainer, Maths teacher, and game designer, working in education. He’s been designing LARPs for festivals, education, and summer camps. Have experience working in a youth centre, schools and more than 40 summer camps.

Ivan Makarov, Belarus

28 000 000 seconds of CHANCE

Lilya; Nastya; Ira; Herr Bronniger; Lena; Karina; Rauf; Dasha; Oli; Katie; Roman; Herr Slyva; Herr Bubny; Zasha; Tanya tourguide of God – Thank you all.

To meet; to get to know; to present the program; to drive around; to feed; to show; to search; to watch; to teach; to learn; to try and find a new approach; to play; to tell stories; to call; to hurry; to scold; to praise; to motivate; to interrogate; to rally the city; to prepare and collect documentation; to finish a program; to congratulate; to see off; to send – that’s about Children.

To read; to research; to prepare a program; to discuss motivation and meaning; to argue; to misunderstand and to understand; to  finally start to understand; to do; to start to understand differently; to do all again; to draw up tables; to go to a seminar; to ask “Youth pass – what is it”?; to learn a lot of new things; to count checks; to get asked “You’ve got any glue?”;  to count receipts; to prepare a program; to prepare for a coming group; to receive mail; to send letters; to clean; to wash; to move; to hang curtains; to ask and to get asked “You´ve got any corporate parties?”; to transport; to draft a brochure; to buy tickets; to prepare for excursions; to print a brochure; to rally the city; to move around; to drink tea; to buy cookies for children; to eat cookies; to carry things; to hang posters; to rehang them; to hug; to listen; to hear; to stand your ground; to convince; to tell and to share impressions; to draw conclusions – that’s about Office.

Indira Gandhi; Storckower Str.; Oranienburger; Teufelssee; Alexanderplatz; Kiukuz; Technisches Museum und Spektrum; Unter den Linden; Potsdamer Platz; Bus Nr. 200; Judisches Mahnmal; Zoo; Ritter Sport; Neues Museum; East Side Gallery Park; Karlshorst; Garten der Welt; Victoria Park; Legoland; Miniaturpark; Treptower Park; Charlottenburg; Hackescher Markt; Märkisches Museum; Tegel; Schönefeld; Hauptbahnhof – that’s about Chance and Berlin.

Dresden; Prague; Potsdam; Leipzig; Rostock; Warnemünde; Hamburg; Babelsberg – that’s about our trips.