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Germany, Latvia, Poland, Turkey


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The project aimed to empower youth workers with a contemporary approach to creative videos, such as Tik-Tok, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, etc., to help them reach educational goals and more effectively address social issues. The target group included educators, trainers, teachers, facilitators, youth workers, and youth leaders.

The expected outcomes of the project were that every participant would learn best practices of creating short videos, up-to-date digital tools for video recording, processing, decorating, and broadcasting, as well as a full stack of European Youth Goals and SDG to make those videos relevant to current social issues and solving specific problems in modern European society.

The project prioritized inclusion and diversity, digital transformation, environment & sustainability, and participation in democratic life, European values, and civic engagement. The project reflected these priorities by creating a diverse group for the training course with good gender balance and the presence of people with fewer opportunities. About 60% of notes and individual work of participants, as well as trainers’ work and materials, were provided online using various online applications. The main topic of all the creative videos created by participants was participation in democratic life, European values, and civic engagement.

The project involved various activities such as team-building activities, workshops, discussions, presentations, reflection/exchange sessions, exchange meetings with experts, visit local experts, museums, city-quiz, etc. The training course had a structured schedule of activities that started with team-building activities, and ended with outdoor activities, dissemination strategy development, reflection, and evaluation.

Overall, the training course provided valuable insights and learning opportunities to the participants to create creative videos using contemporary tools and techniques and effectively communicate their message to the public.

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