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Within the framework of the project, 24 young people from Germany, Russia, and Ukraine were able to share their own vision, ideas, and knowledge and discover the possibilities for the development of public spaces with the use of low-cost measures and tools. In the course of the project, they could strengthen their participatory skills and develop innovative project ideas working together in groups.

“What is tactical urbanism? What potential does it have for urban development and how can young people apply it? How can project ideas be developed with the help of design thinking?” – These and many other questions were explored by our participants at the exchange.

While in Berlin, the participants were encouraged to come up with new ideas relating to the process behind the transformation of the urban environment and learn how appropriate re-use of old buildings can change one’s approach to creativity. Young people also had a chance to  get to know the  Actors of Urban Change community and the City Tool Box platform, as well as Fabrik Osloer Strasse e.V., learning about the creative process behind the reuse of older buildings.

During the second part of the exchange in Krasnodar, participants developed an educational video promoting the topic of plastic waste treatment, advocating for the reduction of plastic usage in our everyday lives. In this part, young people had another chance to meet experienced professionals, e.g. Serafima Chicheva, initiator and producer of #geekpiknik in Krasnodar, who shared her professional experience, teaching the participants how to organise a successful urban festival.

Another expert, Georgy Kurinov of #GOOZE_ART, was invited to share about his large-scale street art projects in Krasnodar, his experience on the cooperation with locals and administrations, and his international collaborations. 

To top it all, participants also were able to gain insights into Krasnodar´s contemporary art scene and get some perspectives and tips on how to increase the visibility of one’s art project, thanks to our invited speaker Oleg Safronov.

In the final part in Dnipro, in close cooperation with the Ukrainian partner organisation “Active Youth Community”, participants organised a creative public event with poetry readings and social dances. In the end, young people had an open discussion of public spaces, the lessons learned during the project, and the project’s outcomes.

The exchange project was implemented in close cooperation with “Academy of Innovation” (Russia) and “Active Youth Community” (Ukraine) within the ERASMUS + program.

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