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DigitalSkills 4Success

Germany, Italy, Finland, Latvia


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In the city of Berlin, from May 2nd to May 11th, 2023, the Digital Skills 4 Success project came to life, bringing together a diverse group of young individuals aged 18 to 30. This Youth Exchange initiative, led by trainers Natalia Skorik and Telma Roque, had a singular goal: to empower these young participants by enhancing their digital skills.

In today’s job market, digital skills are no longer an option but a necessity. The project recognized this urgent need and focused on developing the digital competence of its participants. Specifically, the emphasis was on social media marketing. Social media platforms have become the modern tools for personal and professional branding. Young people must learn to wield these platforms effectively to promote themselves and their ventures.

However, this project went beyond just enhancing technical skills. It created a unique learning environment where inclusivity and diversity thrived. It welcomed participants from various backgrounds, irrespective of education, gender, ethnicity, or social status. In doing so, it fostered a collaborative atmosphere where individuals could learn from each other’s experiences.

This initiative didn’t stop at the young participants; it also targeted youth workers, trainers, and educators who play a pivotal role in non-formal education settings. By equipping these mentors with the tools and knowledge to deliver effective digital skills training, the project aimed to create a ripple effect that would extend far beyond its timeline.

The expected outcomes of the project were comprehensive. Participants gained practical skills in social media marketing, including branding, planning, and content creation. These skills were meant not only to enhance employability but also to nurture entrepreneurship potential. The project also aimed to increase cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication skills, and a sense of European identity among the participants. It was about more than just digital skills; it was about holistic personal and professional development.

This project adhered to the quality standards set by the Erasmus+ Youth program. It ensured equal opportunities for all participants and provided challenging and relevant learning experiences. Safety, protection, sustainability, and continuous improvement were at the core of its planning and execution.

Inclusion and diversity were prominent themes throughout the project, and it didn’t shy away from the digital transformation that defines our age. The program incorporated a blend of formal and informal learning methods. Participants engaged in a wide array of activities, from team-building exercises and workshops to discussions and visits to local experts and museums.

The competencies acquired during this project ranged from intercultural communication and teamwork to creativity, problem-solving, and event planning. Participants also honed their written and verbal communication skills, crucial in a professional context.

The experience and knowledge gained by participants were equally profound. They improved their language skills, acquired job application skills, and learned about non-formal and informal learning methods. The project provided an opportunity for cultural understanding and self-development.

The tangible results were evident in the creation of the project’s Instagram page (@digitalskills4success). This platform not only showcased the participants’ achievements but also honed their digital marketing, branding, and communication skills. It was a testament to the practical, hands-on approach of the project.

Dissemination of the project’s results was a critical aspect of its success. It used various channels, including social media, audiovisual media, and creative documentation, to share the knowledge and experiences gained during the project. The goal was not only to highlight the project’s impact but also to inspire others to embark on similar journeys.

Challenges did arise during the project, including an initial COVID-19 scare. However, stringent safety measures and testing ensured that all participants remained healthy and the project could continue without disruption.

In summary, the Digital Skills 4 Success project was a transformative experience that equipped its participants with the essential digital skills needed to thrive in today’s world. It was a journey of inclusivity, diversity, and personal growth, setting a standard for excellence in non-formal education.

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