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Time for your Performance

Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania


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This project aimed to provide a platform for safe and constructive dialogue among young people aged 18-30 from Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Romania. The project focused on theatrical means of self-expression, aimed at young people with little or zero experience in this field, who were interested in self-development and self-discovery. The primary goal of the project was to increase participants’ self-expression abilities, enhance their understanding of others, and improve their listening skills.

The project was divided into two phases. In the first phase, participants were introduced to improvisational theatre, including Live Action Role Playing and Forum Theatre. This phase also involved exploring European values through various exercises. In the second phase, participants used their newly acquired knowledge to work in teams and create performances that were shown on the 8th day of the project. Throughout the program, participants were involved in team-building exercises, verbal and non-verbal improvisational exercises, role-playing exercises, group discussions, activity creation, group performance creation, and study visits.

The program aimed to achieve several outcomes, including increasing participants’ awareness of their own thoughts and feelings about society, culture, and politics, enhancing their understanding of European values, improving their confidence to express their views on societal challenges, exploring connections with other participants, and increasing their confidence to speak up and act against injustices and situations they would like to change.

The program was inclusive and aimed to remove barriers to participation. Out of the 20 participants, 17 had never taken part in Erasmus+ programs, and the program was designed to remove all potential barriers to participation. Digital means were used for administrative and content-related communication, and dissemination materials were prepared in digital forms.

Participants shared their viewpoints on European Values, and each group presented activities offered by their sending organizations. The program also included workshops to develop entrepreneurial competencies and to understand cultural differences. The daily reflections were held in “families” constellations, which helped create additional bonds and build trust between participants.

Participants acquired a range of competencies during the project, including multilingual, personal, social, learning-to-learn, and cultural awareness and expression competencies. Participants learned about each other’s cultures through group discussions and “humans cultures” evenings. They also learned to communicate via new messengers, practiced learning information, and giving feedback in digital form.

In conclusion, the project aimed to increase participants’ self-expression abilities, enhance their understanding of others, and improve their listening skills through theatrical means of self-expression. It provided a safe and constructive platform for dialogue and aimed to achieve several outcomes, including increasing awareness of European values and promoting inclusive participation. Participants acquired various competencies and gained knowledge about themselves, their values, and the cultures of others.

For further information download the INFOPACK.

Participant’s Feedback
“During the month of April, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend ten days in Berlin where I learned about improv theatre and had the chance to connect with people from various countries. The experience was truly enriching, and the people I met were the highlight of the youth exchange. It was amazing to see how we were able to share our different perspectives and bond over our common feelings, which made the project even more beautiful. This experience gave me faith in the power of connection and reminded me of the importance of seeking out diverse perspectives.” – Maria, Portugal.

“During Time of Your Performance, I had the opportunity to grow as a person and learn about others as well as myself. To come out of this box was a big stepping stone in my life, and this project has helped me do just that, I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone that was involved. I learned many new skills that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life. I hope many people can experience and understand how life changing a project similar to this one can change many aspects of your life.” – Emma, Portugal.

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