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The goal of the project is a two-weeks‘ voluntary work in a group in a leisure center for children and adolescents in Berlin‘ s district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (Germany) at Teufelssee (Devil‘ s Lake).

The project has the following tasks:
– tidy up the garden after winter;
– creation of patches and compilations of plants;
– furnishing the garden with different decorative elements: Tents, benches, wind chimes and bird houses;
– development of ideas for the further arrangement of the garden;
– manufacturing decorations for bungalows in an up-cycling style, which means the re-use of things by creating new functions for them.

For further information download the INFOPACK.


our requirements
– age: 18 – 30 y/o;
– willingness to work together with all participants;

Number of participants: 6 from Germany, 3 from the Russian Federation, and 3 from Ukraine.


it's important to read before applying

The project is funded by European Solidarity Corps. The accommodation, food, and all exchange activities will be covered by the organisers.

The project covers the following costs:
– 100 % of the travel costs for the return journey from home town to host town (within the determined limit – check the Infopack);
– accommodation in a room with several people;
– food will be provided by CHANCE International in the leisure center;
– cash for a public transport ticket;
– pocket money per volunteer and per day (including arrival day and departure day): 5 €, thus 70 € for each participant for the whole length of the camp.

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Here is the list with answers to the most popular questions about us and what we do

During the voluntary service, young adults get involved in a non-profit project abroad for a limited period of time. This is an example of the value of a vibrant and social Europe. Voluntary services not only offer the opportunity to help others. At the same time, they expand one’s own competencies and offer unique experiences. The participating organizations and the local environment also benefit from the intercultural exchange. As a rule, volunteer service lasts between two and twelve months. Shorter projects starting at two weeks are possible for young people with fewer opportunities.

Participation in the European Solidarity Corps is free of charge. You may have to one has to pay a contribution to the travel expenses for the trip to the host country. You get pocket money for personal expenses. The pocket money you get during the whole period of your activity, even if there are vacations.
Accommodation and meals are paid within the framework of the project.

One gets access to various services for support. These include, for example, online language courses. At the end of the activity you get a certificate of participation from the European Solidarity Corps.
You also get a certificate. In the certificate it is written what you have learned.
An important instrument for the recognition of such learning outcomes in the European Union is the Youthpass.

You can register with the EU as a member of the Solidarity Corps.
Here you can find different projects depending on your interests and hobbies.
After registration you can apply for free places in European Solidarity Corps projects. Organisations can also ask you directly. While you wait, there are several online training opportunities available, such as the General Online Training.

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