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The project involves young people (14 – 17 y/o) who are interested in arts and would like to develop project ideas on how to make one’s own: schoolyard, street, meeting point and other youth places more attractive and comfortable. This exchange project consists of 4 youth encounters. Two of them were already implemented in Mai 2019 in Russia and there was a reunion in October 2019 in Berlin. Within the first encounter young people got to know each other, could dive into the topic and gather their first direct intercultural experiences. During the second meeting they took part in further various non-formal workshops: sketching and drawing, making photo sessions, digging at Teufelsberg and also working with ceramics. They discussed such questions as: Who owns the city? What can young people do to make their cities better? What kind of places and do they need and how can they develop them? Two more exchanges are awaiting us and we are looking forward to continuing our exchange journey!

The exchange project was implemented in close cooperation with “Dostoevsky Omsk State University” (Russia), Gymnasium Nr. 19 (Russia) and “Hector-Peterson-Schule” (Germany) within the ERASMUS + program.

Participant’s feedback.
“I am impressed by our visit to the “Futurium Museum” and especially by the “Urban Jungle” exhibition, where we learned how we can change our cities, how to improve them towards sustainability, I really enjoyed it because in my city, Omsk, we really need it” – Vladimir.

“We created an installation that draws attention to the environmental problems of our world today. It depicts our earth overloaded with rubbish to show how the world is being transformed by us” – Albert.

“As a member of the new generation I was very impressed by “Urban Nation Museum”, because there were new and unusual forms of art. It inspired me to create an organisation where people of all ages can express themselves in unusual ways and forms of art. Then we could have different exhibitions and make museums with these art objects and work. I could start with the university where I study. I’d like to get involved myself” – Rita.

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