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communication without borders

Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Hungary, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Moldova


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The training course “Communication without borders” was organised for youth workers and young leaders, gathering 28 participants from 10 countries: Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Hungary, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia, Greece and Moldova.

PART 1. Training in Berlin, Germany.
The first part was focusing on exploring visual tools of communication and facilitation of educational activities such as drawing, sketching, doodling, etc. Participants had a chance to experience new ways of self-expression and communication by using visual art, using different colours and forms to convey their emotions.

PART 2. Local phase.
During the local phase, participants were able to implement youth engaging educational activities in their home countries and organisations using acquired skills and knowledge.

PART 3. Training in Sochi, Russia.
In the course of the third phase, participants could exchange their experiences and share the results, achieved during the local phase of the project. Beyond that, the second part was focusing on exploring new creative ways of communication and artistic expression through theatre, dance, and bodywork, teaching Youth workers to self-express using their body and voice.

The training was supported within the ERASMUS + Program.

Participant´s feedback.
“When you find yourself longing for a place even though you haven’t left it yet, you know you’ve had a really intense experience!
I attended the training “Communication without borders” together with youth workers from several different countries. It took place in Sochi, Russia, and lasted 8 days. I already knew some of the participants from the previous seminar in November, but I felt I had known them for much, much longer. But even with the others, I didn’t know yet, I felt familiar right away.
In the training, we dealt with Forum Theatre and various non-verbal communication techniques, among other things. I still may not be able to make direct eye contact with someone without laughing, but I learned a lot and had an unforgettable time” – Lizen Fischer.

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