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Germany, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Finland


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This project was an eight-day youth exchange, during which young people experienced various non-formal methods and approaches, such as tactical urbanism, case studying, project development, etc.

Within the project, participants learned concrete strategies for action: how they could optimize their immediate surroundings, e.g. street, (school) yard, sports or playground, bike paths, etc. in their cities with low-cost measures and make the public aware of existing problems.

The aims of the project were:
– to give young people the opportunity to reflect on their current situation in their home cities/countries and the role of youth in their development to develop social, intercultural, and project-related skills of the participants;
– to provide young people with space to think about common European values (democracy, security, peace, tolerance, and social cohesion);
– to give the participants the opportunity to realize their own urban project ideas and also to strengthen their participation.

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