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Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Estonia, Germany


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The Youth Exchange “DigiDialogue in multicultural communities” took place on 29.10 – 07.11.2018 in Dilijan, Armenia, and gathered together 24 young people and 6 group leaders from 6 countries (Germany, Italy, Estonia, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine).

The participants with different social backgrounds were encouraged to explore the available domestic resources for inclusive community development in their home countries and discuss and share their experiences on the topic.

The objectives of the above mentioned Youth exchange were as follows:
– developing participants’ competencies on intercultural communication and dialogue in multicultural communities;
– raising participants’ awareness of migration and inclusion issues;
– equipping participants with digital tools to raise and find solutions to issues they face in multicultural communities;
– establishing a network among like-minded organisations and individuals with an interest in developing follow-up projects on similar topics. 

The methodological framework was based on the approaches and values of non-formal education. The working methods combined interactive sessions along with digital tools, allowing to unleash the potential of the participants and fulfil the objectives of the project. 

The youth exchange was aimed at challenging stereotypical perceptions of people from different cultural backgrounds, as well as encouraging the participants to go through the process of self-discovery and personal development, allowing them to re-evaluate and reflect on relevant topics and develop intercultural skills.

Furthermore, participants were given digital toolkits to raise issues they face in multicultural communities as well as their visions for solutions. 

In the end, the project helped to increase the competencies of participants and encouraged them to cooperate in multinational teams and learn about the cultural diversity the world has to offer.

The exchange project was implemented in close cooperation with “UniGrowth DC” (Armenia), “Partaking” (Italy), NGO “Progress Center” (Estonia), “Lugansk Regional Agency for Sustainable Development” (Ukraine), “Caucasus Youth Nexus” (Georgia) within the ERASMUS + program.

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