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The main goal of the festival was the fostering of love and respect for nature, the development of rural areas and the exchange of experience in the field of environmental projects creation in Russia and Germany.
Five experts in the field of eco-projects and the creation of eco-settlements from Germany attended the project as guests, as well as 45 eco-activists from various regions of Russia.

The festival included:
– film screenings of documentary and feature films;
– hiking in the vicinity of Stanitsa Kaluzhskaya;
– yoga classes and other spiritual-bodily practices;
– meetings with experts;
– creative workshops;
– eco products and honey fair;
– vegetarian food cooking classes;
– instrumental music concerts.

The festival was free to visit for residents and guests of Krasnodar region. For all the guests, the program provided an educational opportunity, presenting a different point of view, and drawing more attention to environmental problems.
Instead of spontaneous dumps – sorting and disposal of waste, instead of using lithium batteries – solar energy, instead of mink coats and leather shoes – things made of modern synthetic materials that are not inferior in quality to natural materials.

The project was funded by Goethe-Institut

Participant’s feedback.
“Hi! My name is Iya and I would like to thank all the organizers of the event and all the participants, it was very interesting, diverse and most importantly – informative. I really liked everything, starting from the venue and the place of residence – everything was very well-organized, the infrastructure was very convenient, we had showers with warm water and tents well-equipped for a comfortable stay, one could easily live there comfortably for 5 or even 10 days.
Apart from that, I really enjoyed the activities of the program, there was not a second to get bored, and it was very well planned. The food provided to the participants was very tasty and nutritious, we never got hungry.
In the evenings we had theatre concerts and sometimes even a disco. Also, I really enjoyed working in a team, because all the participants had absolutely different backgrounds, and it was great working together on a project and experiencing all those different points of view. As a result of such a collaboration and all the contributions made to the project, we got a very interesting outcome in the end.
Additionally, I would like to thank the organizers, they did a great job, and we managed to make friends and have a lot of fun, I would be really glad to come back and live through those 3.5 days anytime in the future!” – Iya Kononovich.

“We have created three performances, an immersive theatre play and some pictures all in the field of ECO lifestyle and conscious consumption. It was a really fruitful project thanks to the atmosphere of the place, our common goals and our conscious attitude to the subject. By the end, most of us admitted that we would never be the same after it.” – Antonina Grishko.

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