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i feel good

Strategic partnership project
Italy, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Greece, Spain


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The long-term project “I feel good” was launched with a clear objective: partner organizations from 6 different countries should jointly develop methods to support young people in their healthy development and equip them with tools for a healthy lifestyle. Over a period of two years, we worked intensively to achieve this goal.

At the beginning of the project, representatives from partner organizations in Italy, Greece, Germany, Lithuania, and Hungary came together to develop a strategy. We wanted to ensure that the content and activities of the project were tailored to the needs and interests of young people.

During the project’s duration, several trainings were conducted to enhance our skills. The focus was on developing creative methods and improving our use of digital media. These skills were crucial in sensitizing young people to the topic of a healthy lifestyle in a modern and engaging way.

The trainings were led by experienced experts and provided us with an opportunity for intensive exchange among the partner organizations. Through this sharing of experiences, we learned from each other and benefited mutually.

A key outcome of the project was the joint development of a toolkit. This toolkit contains diverse materials, methods, and ideas that were tested and found effective by the partner organizations. The toolkit is a valuable resource that will continue to support us in assisting young people in their healthy development even after the project’s conclusion.

Furthermore, new partnerships were formed during the project. The collaboration between partner organizations deepened, and we already conducted two additional encounters this year in cooperation with our new partners. These new partnerships open up new opportunities and expand our scope of action.

The project “I feel good” was a great success that fills us with pride. It demonstrated that through close collaboration and exchange of experiences among different countries and organizations, remarkable results can be achieved. We are grateful for the support of the Italian National Agency and all partner organizations that contributed to the success of this project.

In the future, we will continue to work passionately to support young people in their healthy development and provide them with the best opportunities for a fulfilling and healthy life. The project “I feel good” was just the beginning – we are determined to continue our efforts and bring about even more positive changes.

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