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i feel good

Strategic partnership project 2021-2023
Italy, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Greece, Spain
10.11 - 18.11.2022


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The “I Feel Good” is a two years project in the frames of „Strategic partnerships“ (Erasmus +). It is aimed to equip youth workers and educational leaders with creative methods which they can use during the activities related to the topics of health care and prevention measures for health protection. Project is being implemented by the following partner network: Italy, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Greece and Spain.

The overall aims of the project are:
– to build a long term non-formal education process at the international level among youth / social workers which will allow empowering young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or vulnerable groups;
– to raise the capacities of the youth / social workers to better perform and act in the field of spreading the information about the importance of physical and mental health, with the focus on COVID-19 and prevention measures for health protection;
– to increase the competencies of their youth / social workers to better include the different target groups in the social, cultural, and economic life of their communities and awareness of the importance of health protection.

– equip trainers, educators and youth workers with creative and innovative tools and methods to promote awareness for and provide information on health-related topics in their training or any other context or initiative addressing young disadvantaged people;
– develop educational activities based on creative tools in the field of visualisation and non-verbal communication, which will allow for access to information on health prevention and education for young people, especially ones from disadvantaged groups;
– to support innovation and quality of non-formal education in youth work acquiring and developing new methodologies, activities and competencies;
– to improve the youth work that our NGOs when engaging with young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or vulnerable groups to raise their awareness of the importance of taking care of mental and physical health and measures to keep oneself healthy;
– to create educational videos/cartoons/whiteboard dedicated to the importance of health (mental and physical) and publications, dedicated to the methodology of how to use the creative tools in the activities dedicated to health protection;
– to reinforce the relationship among partners with the specific objective to map out and execute future projects under the framework of the Erasmus+ Program using the knowledge and competencies acquired during this project.

For further information download the INFOPACK.


our requirements

– willingness to work together with all participants;
– full-time involvement in the program;
– the interest in the topic and ideas/methods to contribute to the program.


it's important to read before applying
The results of the project are expected to be as follows:
– the participants and the partner organisations will be able to increase their competencies in designing, facilitating and evaluating meaningful educational activities for young people in the field of a healthy lifestyle, the importance of taking care of mental and physical health, and prevention measures in the field of health care and wellbeing. This, in turn, may lead to higher standards of work when engaging with youth, and create more and better opportunities for the target groups and the communities the partners work with;
– at least 7 workshops, street performance, school lessons etc, implemented in the partner organisation’s countries, which would help to address the topic of physical and mental health, using creative tools, such as visuals, posters, videos, cartoons, performances, flash mobs, street performance etc;
– at least 14 educational videos/cartoons/whiteboard dedicated to health (mental and physical);
– a tool kit, which would capture all creative tools and methods for educational activities with young people from vulnerable groups. The above-mentioned tool kit will be translated to the national languages of partner organisations (Italian, Hungarian, German, Lithuanian, Greek, and Spanish);
– a publication with a set of recommendation on how to adapt NFE activities to the topic of health protection and well-being. Moreover, the publication will incorporate a detailed explanation of sessions, done by the participants during the practical stage and their learning outcomes.

In complementing the I.O.s the partners may also produce the following results:
– project management and quality plan;
– dissemination, exploitation and sustainability Plan;
– minutes following each partner project meetings (4 F2F and 8 Skype);
– reports (e.g. activity, financial, dissemination, Progress, Interim, Final);
– dissemination logs where all activities related to the project will be communicated to the Coordinator every 6 months.

Beyond the IOs and MEs already listed in relevant sections, other results may include:
– project logo, website, FB, Instagram and Twitter;
– 7 MEs for the dissemination and exploitation of activities in each country;
– creation and distribution of informative printed material (leaflets, poster etc.);
– 4 newsletters developed and disseminated after important project milestones;
– 100 posts on social media.

be part of this project

asked questions

Here is the list with answers to the most popular questions about us and what we do

Our offers of international trainings are addressed to:
– persons 18 years and older;
– youth workers: educators, teachers, pedagogues, social workers, volunteers, youth leaders etc;
– personnel of training institutions and civil society organisations.

We distinguish between participant contribution and total costs. The participant contribution is between 50 Euro and 100 Euro, depending on the project. But most of the time it’s free! If the contribution is too high, we will always find a way for you to participate in the project. Please contact us!

Our trainings are designed for youth workers, educators etc. who would like to foster their knowledge and skills in the field of non-formal education and empower young people, to learn more about youth work strategies in the partner countries and extend intercultural background as well as to share own professional expereriences with other participants.  

We expect our participants 
– to be involved in all project phases;
– to co-design the project, it’s activities, results, evaluation and dissemination;
– to share their professional knowledge and skills with colleagues in terms of peer education.

– all participants are obliged to take PCR tests: upon departure from Germany, upon arrival in a partner country and upon departure from it;
– participants are obliged to wear FPP2 masks in public places;
– organisers will provide masks and sanitizers for everybody during the full course of the project;
– the host party will ensure the sufficient degree of safety regarding the living conditions and program activities – for example – execution of project activities in well-ventilated areas or on fresh air, keeping a safe distance from other visitors or avoiding any outside contact when executing such activities;
– in case of infection – isolation of the participant, splitting the costs of medical treatment between three parties – receiving and sending organization and the participant.

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