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let's communicate for peace

06.02 - 15.02.2023
Berlin, Germany


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The goal of the project is to gain tools stimulating more compassionate, non-violent communication between young people, which would consequently lead to reducing the potential for violence and radicalisation among them.

– to equip youth workers and leaders with the tools of conflict transformation and non-violent communication;
– to promote conscious and non-violent behaviour among participants with the use of non-formal education methods to be afterwards applied in their workplaces with young people;
– to get acquainted with the situation of conflict transformation in the participating countries and make the exchange of best practices;
– to form a network among like-minded organisations and develop follow-up projects within the project topic.

For further information download the INFOPACK.

Participant’s Feedback from the first part:
“My experience with this Erasmus+ “Let’s communicate for peace” project has been very enriching. Not only I was given the chance to work on my communication skills — focusing on learning and improving non-violent, mindful and inclusive tools and strategies, — but I also got to see a very interesting country and its local culture in Aparan, Armenia. It has been a wonderful experience.
@altera_lab and @chance_international_berlin did a great job bringing together international youth from such diverse backgrounds to spend this time together, I felt really inspired afterwards and would definitely recommend the experience.” – Siham El Faiz Saoud.

“This was my fifteenth Erasmus+ project. I really enjoyed it. During the project I was able to improve my language skills, learn many new and interesting things, and make many good friends from different countries. The project was very well organized. Erasmus convinced me once again that you can rethink a lot of things here, find a lot of good people from different countries, discover and improve a lot of personal skills. As I have done before, now I will definitely advise people to participate in projects like this too, because I believe that these days especially people really need such opportunities where they can talk, learn about other cultures, find people with common interests and understand that in this huge world there are many good and beautiful things and to learn, explore it, then for that you definitely have to be part of this big program called Erasmus.
Thanks again to @altera_lab and @chance_international_berlin  for such a good project and for the opportunity to participate in it.” – Harut Manvelyan.

I am thankful for having been part of a wonderful project called „Let’s communicate for peace“ with amazing people and many memories and valuable insights to take with me. The youth exchange took place in Aparan, Armenia, 8.10.22–17.10.22 in the middle of the mountains. A magical place to become peaceful from within.
Thank you to everyone who made this such an inspiring and energizing time! I feel enriched to have learned so much from my fellow participants. We all came here from various places such as Latvia, Armenia, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Georgia and Germany to learn about non-violent communication and self-reflecting tools.
A big thank you to the organizers @altera_lab and @chance_international_berlin who made this possible.” – Marie Robinski.

I am very pleased that “Let’s communicate for peace” at 08.10 till 17.10.2022 in beautiful Aparan is my first Erasmus+ project, because it inspired me to become more active in the sphere of communication for peace, which has always been a big inspiration of mine. I want to thank and @altera_lab for this opportunity. Through the training, I saw some of the advantages of informal education, practiced working in a group, and developed public presentation skills. They inspired me to explore deeper and encouraged me to come up with ideas and answers by talking to people, as well as by objective introspection.” – Hayk Ghazaryan.

The Erasmus+ youth exchange ,, Let’s communicate for peace’’ in Armenia 08.10-17.10.2022 was one of the best project i have ever participated in. I met so many good people from different countries and gained friends and memories which will take special part of my heart from now on. Thanks for organizing this project @altera_lab” – Ana Svanidze.


our requirements

We’re looking for young leaders, youth workers, teachers, educators, students who live or coming from: Germany, Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Armenia and Georgia.

Age: 18+


it's important to read before applying

The project is funded by the Erasmus + Programme. The accommodation, food, exchange activities will be covered by the organisers.

Seminarhaus Berlin Weißensee
Indira-Gandhi-Straße, 13
13088 Berlin.

In the context of non-formal education, we feel it is useful to promote community-based living, so please be prepared to keep your room clean and comfortable (no room service is provided).
You will be accommodated in 4-8 bedded rooms with participants of the same sex. Bed linen and towels are provided.
You will receive 3 meals daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner with vegetarian and vegan needs catered for. Breakfasts are made by participants according to the beforehand agreed schedule.

You are expected to participate in all activities unless you are ill. Unfortunately, travel expenses will not be reimbursed if you have attended less than 90% of the programme.
Before you book a flight, we kindly ask you to consult with the coordinating organisation.
We ask you to keep all original invoices and boarding passes and to present them when settling your account.
There is a possibility to arrive and depart 2 days before and after the project if you can prove that the flights were cheap on these days (a screenshot is required).

Travel costs (airplane):
– Germany – max. 180 Euro;
– Italy – max. 275 Euro;
– Netherlands – max. 275 Euro;
– Latvia – max. 275 Euro;
– Armenia – max. 360 Euro;
– Georgia – max. 360 Euro;
– Portugal – max. 530 Euro.

Travel costs can be higher, in case if you choose green travel with low-emissions means of transport for the main part of the travel, such as bus, train or car-pooling.

In this case travel costs will be:
– Germany – max. 210 Euro;
– Italy – max. 320 Euro;
– Netherlands – max. 320 Euro;
– Latvia – max. 320 Euro;
– Armenia – max. 410 Euro;
– Georgia – max. 410 Euro;
– Portugal – max. 610 Euro.

Please, note:
We do not welcome alcoholic beverages during the project.

be part of this project

asked questions

Here is the list with answers to the most popular questions about us and what we do

Most of the international youth exchanges are targeted at young people between the ages of 12 and 30. However, more and more opportunities for children are developed with each year. International youth exchanges are basically aimed at all adolescents and young adults. The youth exchanges organised by CHANCE International are usually targeting young people from 18 to 26 (in some cases up to 30) and funded within the Erasmus + programme.

We distinguish between participant contribution and total costs. The participant contribution is 50 Euro at max, depending on the project. During 2021 there is no participation fee. If the contribution is too high, we will always find a way for you to participate in an encounter. Please contact us!

A youth exchange is financed by the organiser’s own funds, third-party funds and the participant’s contribution. Third-party funds are provided by the Federal Government from the Child and Youth Plan and European funds from the Erasmus+ youth programme. Third-party funds are applied for by the organiser or sponsor.

To participate in our projects, you should be interested in the project topic, cultural exchange and cooperation with other participants. We do not require any foreign language or other specific skills and qualifications. 

We expect our participants: 
– to be involved in all project phases;
– to co-design the project, it’s activities and results.
We welcome sharing of  knowledge and skills of participants with each other.

– all participants are obliged to take PCR tests: upon departure from Germany, upon arrival in a partner country and upon departure from it;
– participants are obliged to wear FPP2 masks in public places;
– organisers will provide masks and sanitizers for everybody during the full course of the project;
– the host party will ensure the sufficient degree of safety regarding the living conditions and program activities – for example – execution of project activities in well-ventilated areas or on fresh air, keeping a safe distance from other visitors or avoiding any outside contact when executing such activities;
– in case of infection – isolation of the participant, splitting the costs of medical treatment between three parties – receiving and sending organization and the participant.

contact us

Still have any questions?

Call us or send an E-Mail and we’ll answer all of them.

We’re available Monday-Friday 10-16:00