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make yourself visible

2021, 2022
Czech Republic


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This project is a follow-up of the previous 2 Trainings (TC) “Make yourself visible” which were implemented in 2018. During these TCs, we realised that visibility was:
– crucial for NGOs these days;
– it is important to look at it on a broader level and work out the marketing strategy of an NGO.

We had an ambiguous situation during TCs — on one side, we wanted to dig deeper into many concepts, and, for example, learn about creating videos, or work with pictures and became experts at this. On the other side, digging deeper into details, we were losing the big picture, the big picture being how we present and brand our NGO. Why is our NGO different from others? What makes it special? We can only answer these answers by working out the marketing strategy, which was thoroughly implemented by an NGO or youth organisation in the course of a year (or maybe it’s prepared for an even longer time). So, we thought that in the current time learning how to make a brand of your NGO is far more relevant than digging into deep details — one became an expert in shooting and editing videos, but it won’t help to PR some project or campaign, or organisation if there are no strategic planning skills. To balance these 2 ambiguous situations, we’re aiming to do this project in 2 parts with 2 trainings, where both activities are implemented in Ivancice, the Czech Republic.

The project was funded by Erasmus+ Programme. For further information, download the INFOPACK.

Participant’s feedback
“This project hosts participants from the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Latvia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Norway.
In the theoretical part, the participants were discovered nonprofit marketing tactics that amplify missions of their organizations, encouraged donations, attracted volunteers and stakeholders, and help their organization grow better.
With these tips, which help to create quality content, the participants tried to explored different tools, which can be useful for making visual content i for promoting of their NGOs. The young people, who had the opportunity to visit the country in their spare time, became familiar with the cultures of both the Czech Republic and other participating countries with the culture nights.
In addition, it was possible to see the graphic designs prepared by the trainers during the course and the participants were introduced to the basics of graphic design by the trainers.
At the end of the activities organized throughout the week, the participants created their own marketing strategies and made a quality content.” – Yelyzaveta Denysenko.

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