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Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Türkiye, Portugal


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The “Mobile Photography for Environmentalists” project, held from May 20th to May 29th, 2023, in Berlin, was a transformative initiative aimed at equipping ecologists, eco-activists, and environmentalists from diverse backgrounds with essential mobile photography skills. With participants ranging from ages 20 to 45, representing countries including Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey, this training program addressed a critical need within the environmental community.

The primary goal of this project, organized by Chance International and its partners, was to bridge the gap for those with little to no prior experience in photography, especially mobile photography. The mission was clear: empower participants to effectively use visual media to convey environmental narratives.

Over the course of ten intensive days, participants engaged in a curriculum that seamlessly blended theoretical knowledge with practical application. This unique approach provided a well-rounded education, covering topics such as coloristics, composition, exposition, and storytelling—all through the lens of mobile photography. Beyond technical skills, participants delved into environmentally-oriented practices, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and digital transformation.

One of the project’s highlights was the final outcome—a series of photographs crafted by participants. These visual narratives captured both environmental issues and the natural beauty worth preserving. The project encouraged participants to inspire others to protect and cherish our environment through these compelling images.

Throughout the training, participants were actively involved in a wide array of activities, including team-building exercises, peer-to-peer work, study visits, and public screenings. These activities not only enhanced their photography skills but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the diverse group of attendees.

By the end of the program, participants had honed their mobile photography skills, gaining expertise in color manipulation, lighting techniques, composition, and storytelling through visual series. Equally important, they learned to present their work effectively, a skill they could apply beyond their primary occupations.

Quality standards were rigorously maintained throughout the project, with a strong emphasis on inclusion, diversity, digital transformation, and sustainability. These priorities were not just buzzwords but integral elements woven into the fabric of the entire initiative.

The “Mobile Photography for Environmentalists” project emerged as a success, with 19 out of 20 series published on the project’s webpage—a testament to the participants’ newfound photography prowess. These results were further disseminated through various channels, including social media and the Chance International network.

However, the project was not without its challenges. Not all applicants were directly tied to environmentalism, necessitating a selection process that prioritized motivation and opportunities. Flexibility was also key, as the project respected participants’ wishes, even when one chose not to have her work publicly screened.

In conclusion, the “Mobile Photography for Environmentalists” training project was an empowering and transformative experience. It equipped environmentalists with vital skills, fostering a community of passionate individuals capable of using mobile photography to advocate for environmental conservation. It exemplified quality, inclusivity, and sustainability while gracefully overcoming challenges to create a lasting impact.

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Eleonora Apolo de Azevedo

Eymen Alpat

Isabel Aladro Ramírez

Catarina Santos

Ioana Lovin

Arina Ștefana Vrabie

Alena Maisiuk – 1

Alena Maisiuk – 2

Irma Hodović

Marko Baric

Akshay Kalson

Beyza Türkozan

Shiqin Huang

Marija Kozomara

Şevval Arslan

Radu Alexandru Rarinca


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