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Networking and supporting ecological work



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The project “Networking and Supporting ecological Work” was implemented in Summer 2022. It included two 5-days trainings in Berlin (Germany) and Nea-Makri (Greece) for educational workers and those who are interested in promoting ideas of ecological thinking and handling in our everyday life. The trainings continued with follow-ups, focused on the development of the ideas and implementation of small projects of the participants in their local contexts.

The first training in Berlin included workshops from the educational initiatives “La Foresta” and “Die Naturbegleiter”, a visit to the “Floating University” and finally a festive evening at the Holzmarkt.

Participants tried out ecological and experiential education practices, perception and movement techniques, learned about creative recycling projects and project management basics, talked about local ecological problems and looked for solutions of the local ecological problems.

In the course of the training, many project ideas emerged and were implemented in international teams in the upcoming months.

A training in Nea Makri (Greece) was the second offline meeting of the project. The participants accomplished a lot throughout three days: debated on controversial environmental topics, created a wallet out of a milk carton, visited local sustainable businesses and initiatives in Athens. But most importantly, they developed their own projects, — in groups or individually, — aimed to solve current environmental issues in their areas. So from Athens to Xanthi, from Dessau to Rostock, our participants tried to make a change towards a better ecological situation in their surroundings.

After two trainings 18 projects were developed. For example a project “Berlin free water”, which is dedicated to the topic of free water access in Berlin. Samar Alaif and her group pointed out the lack of accessible drinking water sources in Berlin and sketched ideas for the possible solution through providing an access to tab water in public spaces.

The other project included a series of educational workshops “Eco-Heroes”, implemented by Greek teachers in schools in Chania, Crete. Pupils researched on environmental problems such as particles of microplastic in the sand and natural water sources, created artworks out of recycling materials (paper, textiles) and made animation movies. Coordinating teacher Anna Antonakaki: “My goal was to make children and teenagers feel like little heroes who will save the planet by doing their best to protect the environment. Because little actions count!” 

The projetct results were presented to the wider audience in the frame of the local Events at Fabrik Osloer Strasse, within Make Smthng Week in Berlin and Networking meetings in Athens.

We thank all the participants and partners for their motivation and creativity!

The project is organized by Chance International in partnership with Hellenic Youth Participation. Co-funded by the European Union.

Participant’s Feedback
“It was a great experience to be a part of the training course facilitate by Chance International. We got to know a lot about sustainability in everyday life and social enterprises active in this field. This experience has opened new avenues for us. We are thankful to Chance International and Erasmusplus for this opportunity” – Raja Biswas.

“Thank you the ‘Networking and Supporting Ecological Work and Hellenic Youth Participation (GR) for cooperation and because they gave me the chance to meet new people and ideas. I was lucky for the opportunity to participate in a training course with useful workshops and theoretical information” – Despina Tziaki.

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