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say no to hate speech

2021, 2022


get to know this project

A project “Say No to hate speech” was a long-term project aiming at combating with the hate speech online among young people and it comprised TC and YE:
– the first activity (YE) was in Berlin. That was a youth exchange on internet literacy, that involved not just young people but also bloggers and online activists; 
– the second activity, a training course, was in Hungary. This was TC for youth workers, youth leaders, young professionals, active volunteers involved in education and/or training, volunteers working with young people and young leaders aimed to equip them with knowledge and skills on how to tackle hate speech with young people through non-formal education.

The internet has changed the types and possibilities of human interaction. The internet has given us the possibility to communicate with any other person in the world. Everyone with access to the internet is now both publisher and public speaker.

From 2012 to 2017, Advisory Council on Youth of Council of Europe ran the No Hate Speech Movement, the campaign that aimed to combat the hate speech online in all its forms, and with this “Say No to hate speech” project we wanted to contribute to making internet a safer place for young people and to prevent human rights violation online. During the project, participants created various creative products (website, videos, posters, presentations, etc.) to draw public attention to this topic and support those affected by it.

The project is funded by Erasmus + Programme. For further information, download the INFOPACK.

Participant’s feedback
“We live in such a different and colorful world, but we often forget that we are trapped in our comfort zone and our circle of knowledge. Each Erasmus + project is the perfect opportunity to push your own boundaries and become aware of the major differences that exist even between 2 neighbouring countries.
“Say no to hate speech” is the name of the Erasmus + project I participated in between March 31 and April 8, 100 km from Budapest. A project that brought together youth workers from over 10 countries, 25 young people who had 10 days to get to know each other, share their own experiences, learn from each other and work on the subject of the project, finally coming up with many ideas and solutions.
Hate speech is not just a definition we used in the project, unfortunately hate speech is more and more common nowadays, from mischievous online comments to a friendly conversation that may seem innocent in the eyes of the one who says it. This project helped us to be aware of this situation but we went further with the practical part, where we were challenged to think about what we can do each of us to fight this movement but also how we can contribute to awareness of the problem.
In the end, we chose symbolic pictures, quotes with a strong message, board games, more information on the subject, related friends and many beautiful memories.” – Diana.

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