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“Say No to Hate Speech” was a youth exchange aiming at fighting hate speech among young people online. It involved not just young people but also bloggers and online activists. This long-term project provided youth with a greater understanding and responsiveness to social and cultural diversity, that is strongly connected with the hate speech and neglect in our society.

It was 20 participants from 3 countries: Germany, Greece and Turkey.

The goals of the project, among others, were:
– to increase the sense of responsibility, understanding, and acceptance of minorities and immigrants, to fight the stereotypes surrounding them;
– to introduce participants to the No Hate Speech Movement, its goals and aspirations;
– to help the participants to explore Human Rights and Human Rights Education opportunities in addressing hate speech online;
– to become more aware of internet literacy and mechanisms of online protection;
– to develop the skills and motivation for young people to recognise online hate speech and to become “online activists” for human rights;
– to discuss the limits of freedom of speech and find a point where it becomes hate speech and or even violates human rights.

As the result, participants created content for Social Media such as video, photo materials and created posters related to the Hate Speech problem.

The project was funded as part of the EU programme ERASMUS+.

For further information, download the INFOPACK.

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