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The goal of the project was to explore games as a medium in communication, that could be used to overcome or avoid barriers that exist between people. Before the project started, each participant submitted a game of their liking. Participants were supposed to teach others to play their game and analyze which barriers it could help to overcome.

Participants from Germany, Latvia, Portugal and Romania brought 20 different games with them.
They’ve played a wide range of games, from international classics to local specialties: Mine Field, You know me or not, Broken Phone , Guess your Team, Egg Race, Football, Photo hunt, Changeable post, Card game Confusion, Consensus, Bulldog, Kazakh traditional games, Number war, Active game, Human Bingo, Social circle, Take a step forward, Portakal. 

On the last day, participants also had a chance to organize non-game related activities:
– public speaking masterclass; 
– pakistani dance class;
– improvisational scenes workshop; 
– card game tournament.

During the project, participants  developed:
1. problem-solving attitude, when addressing specific issues with tailored gaming solutions;
2. self-esteem, creativity, positive attitude, leadership, team working, cooperation, when trying various games;
3. practical skill of organizing games for different audiences, which could be used in future in social work, organizing events, shows.

They’ve created an online collection of games, that can be used in peer-to-peer education when working with the topics of various borders. Game scenarios can be found under #gameswithoutbarriers.

The project was funded under the EU ERASMUS + program and in collaboration with CHANCE International (Germany), NGO Progress Center (Estonia), Young squat (Portugal) and CreativePlus (Romania).

For further information download the INFOPACK.

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