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Rewind: Larping Past For The Future



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LARP could be compared to a theatre play without audience and fixed script.

To get a better understanding of LARP, check the following videos:
1. Becoming the story – short (3:26) animation on how our imagination works in LARPs.
2. Even shorter (2:20) video on Learning Through Roleplay.

“Rewind” is funded by the “Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ).
We, the team of trainers behind the project, are fully supportive of their statements:
– in recent decades, more and more work has been done to come to terms with history and remembrance in an attempt to understand the causes for the emergence of the National Socialist regime and thereby to contribute to ensuring that history is not repeated;
– we condemn all attempts to challenge the peaceful order in Europe, and we reject the instrumentalization of history to legitimize war.

The training consisted of several phases:
1. Learning the method
During the first four days we had a mix of theory and practice. We played in 4 different LARPs and practice mechanics used in them learn history of LARPs and their types practice make common LARP-scripts in teams. At the end of this phase we formed several groups to start creating LARP scripts.
2. Deep dive into the topic for inspiration
We visited Culture of Remembrance high-lights in Berlin.
3. Larp-Writing
2 days were dedicated to writing LARPs. Each group had a mentor to navigate them through the process.
4. Play-testing
2 days we tested LARPs written by participants. Each group had a time slot to run their game for other participants and receive constructive feedback.

After the training, participants:
– h
ad their own understanding of what is LARP;
– had a self-made LARP scenario on their professional topic to use with their target group (or at least a play-tested draft);
– had tools on developing new LARPs on their own;
– know where to find free to use ready scenarios;
– know about props and how to use them;
– know how sound and light can add dimensions to the game for extra fascination;
– had a great team-building tool to use in their work/study/friends community.

Also check out the Live Action Role Playing game scripts – in English, Ukrainian, German, Romanian languages.

For further information download the INFOPACK.

Participant’s Feedback
“What Wikipedia says, LARP is a live-action role-playing game, and it’s a form of role-playing game where the participants physically portray their characters. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by real-world environments while interacting with each other. 

LAPR. L.A.R.P. larping. And different names of what we were doing these days. Investigating different sides of our creativity, different perception thresholds, the emancipation of the body, removal of clamps, and constraints.
For intensive 10 days I were exploring Berlin with different nationalities, Ukraine, Germany, and Moldova. I am thankful for the talking, creating ideas in the evening, and having productive mornings by learning.
Thanks to CHANCE International and Erasmus+ I had an opportunity to experience different ways of LARPing and creating my own scripts.” – Kristina Muzichenko.

“This is my first youth training. I used to go to trainings in order to grow as a professional journalist but never for psychological or mental growth.
Due to this project I managed to explore myself and analyze my strong and weak sides. For example I knew that it is difficult for me to trust people or delegate them some responsibilities. But this training showed me that doing all by myself is not always the right choice and sometimes trust is the key to successful result — either team, or a person.
Also due to LARP sessions I understood that I have some psychological traumas that might have started in my childhood and influence my reality. Now I need to consider their solving.
This training was a good opportunity to improve my English skills and reflecting skills. Though sometimes it was difficult to express myself, to relax and have fun, it was a good experience. Maybe the reason of these might be found in complexes that I have.
I would recommend everyone to try LARP experience at least for finding in their new themselves. To talk to people from different countries and cultures. To learn how to express feelings in different situations, To work on traumas and feelings that make it difficult to live for full and be a happy person.” – Anastasiia Komendantova.

This is my first youth training sponsored by the EVZ Foundation.
I was very satisfied with the result of the work for these 10 days and the skills I acquired here.
Before this project, I participated in international training from the Erasmus + program.
As for the skills that I acquired or improved over the course of my life, they were definitely communication skills between people, creativity, non-standard thinking, trust, empathy, perseverance and responsibility. I learned a lot of new information about role-playing games, their types and themes.
I believe that larp is a very effective way to make people think about fundamental and important things in the form of a game.
Also, during 10 days in Berlin, we explored historical monuments and memorial museums. We got acquainted with the peculiarities of German architecture and mentality. They studied the differences and similarities between people of different nationalities.
I recommend all young people to attend the youth training “LARP-Live Action Role Play” to learn to perceive/provide information in a new way and apply these methods in life.” – Anna Demianenko.

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