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Within this exchange “Time for your performance!” 20 young people from Germany and Armenia got together to discuss the emerging challenges faced by the European youth, share their own life experiences and insights, and develop theatre performances about it. Participants were encouraged to discuss various relevant topics, such as civic engagement, the problems of youth unemployment, the problems regarding people with disabilities, the importance of self-recognition, as well as other important issues.

During workshops, a vast number of theatre methods and tools of non-formal education were used, such as theatrical activities and relevant training, intended to empower young people and to enable them to express their problems and look together for solutions. 

While in Berlin, the participants have developed performances, which were staged in different public spaces – such as “House of youth” in Berlin-Zehlendorf, Petersburg Art Space in Moabit, and the youth club “Linse” in Weißensee. All participants were involved in the development of the performances. 

During the second part of the exchange in Armenia, performances were shown to the public on the streets of Yerevan. After each performance, young people were able to have discussions with the audience and share their personal insights and experiences, gained during the project. 

The exchange project was implemented in close cooperation with “UniGrowth DC” (Armenia) and the young theatre Collective “Wheels” within the ERASMUS + program.

Participant’s feedback
“It turned out that we have similar interests and we can develop future projects together: short movies, self-development through outdoor activities, consumerism, coding and data protection, commune life and eco-lifestyle”.

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