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The project comprised three youth exchanges taking place in each partner country: Germany, Russia, and Serbia. During the course of the project, participants, who were all young people between the ages of 18 and 26, had a chance to exchange ideas about current issues frequently encountered by youth – difficulties in the labour market, self-realization problems, being different, etc.

Apart from exchanging ideas and discussing, the participants could practice various theater and dance techniques to express their concerns – such as improvisation theatre, pantomime, and hip hop dances. Together, young people searched for solutions and coping strategies, developing performances and engaging the audience to actively participate in the discussions on the issues mentioned, thus addressing the public with their worries and concerns.

Besides, the exchange program also included a variety of other events. In Berlin, the young people organised an intercultural evening with national cuisines and music. In St. Petersburg, the participants decided to took part in the local social event “Restaurant Day”, collecting around € 300 for an urban project aimed to help homeless people. In Nis, the participants visited the European programs Office and were able to share their impressions from the Erasmus + exchange with the other people interested.

The exchange project was implemented in close cooperation with “Russian-German Meeting Center in Saint Petersburg” (Russia) and “Magic In Current World” (Serbia) within the ERASMUS + program.

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