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Romania, Moldova, Germany, Armenia, Ukraine


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Singing and performing together is a very enriching and strengthening experience, and can become a medium for community consolidation and consolidation of people with diverse backgrounds. It can also be a powerful tool for articulating and representing the interests and needs of the community to the public and decision-makers. Furthermore, it can become an accessible tool to initiate various thematic discussions and develop and artistically implement solutions for the concerning problems.

With our exchange project “United we sing for social change”, we empowered young people with new experience and knowledge, and addresses their interests and needs in a unique and creative way.

The project brought together 25 participants – 20 young people and 5 team leaders from 5 partner countries: Germany, Romania, Moldova, Armenia and Ukraine.

During the project, we achieved together the following goals:
– offered young people a platform for exchange on current youth and socially relevant topics, problems and possible solutions;
– broad the participants’ awareness;
– encouraged their expression and participation with the help of singing and performative methods;
– foster social and intercultural skills of the participants: communication and cooperation in an international team etc;
– created joint song performances/ flash mobs/ other artistic actions and get into conversation with the public;
– developed a project blog, songbook as well as further ideas for further cooperation.

For further information download the INFOPACK.

Feedback after the first part:
“Thank you for this experience and especially thanks to our trainer Natalia Skorik for interesting and professional activities, opportunity to provide our own workshops (this is really special), deep practices. And also I am grateful to Kirill, caring and solving-problem oriented coordinator, funny and interesting person. I also learned more myself while this time” – Anastasiia Babanina.

“Many thanks for these days at the project! Despite the cold weather, we had some special memories about this place!! I think I will come back a few more times to explore the city! Thanks a lot to our facilitator Natalia, very bright and amusing woman with a good taste in music, she was really so flexible and understanding to our plans!! And also, thanks to Kirill for being nice to us, walking miles when we needed, and bringing such a vibe every time he appeared!” – Svetlana Kior.

“Thank you so much each and everyone, organizers and participants, for giving me the opportunity to live a different and new experience. Hopefully such projects can be available to everyone around the world in the future!” – Sevlana Habib.

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