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2021, 2022


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“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.” (Robert McKee)

Our main goal in this project was to support the creativity and self-empowerment process of young people.

This exchange project consisted of two parts: the first part, which was called “Find your story”, Berlin, September 2021. The second part, which was called “Meet your characters” was in Bakuriani, Georgia, in 2022. During the first part, 20 participants – 16 young people and 4 group leaders – from Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain and Georgia came together in Berlin and entered a creative group process with the goal of creating short films.

They primarily focused the group process on creating perspectives different from the ones people are used to. The participants took all creative decisions themselves and also go through the filmmaking process independently. The 4 group leaders had the supporting role, so when the participants faced any difficulties with filmmaking, the group leaders could come to them and help. Young people used various creative methods to find out the stories which would be personally important for them. They also learned how to use a camera, an audio recorder and video editing software.

We also aimed to provide young people from different countries with a platform to meet and exchange. So hopefully it would lead to the creation of visions and project ideas for the future. Something that our world is desperately in need of!

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Participant’s feedback
“My name is Mariam, I am from Georgia and want to share my experience as a participant of Videotopia.
Videotopia gave me priceless experience of creative thinking. After Berlin, we, all participants met again in Bakuriani, Georgia. It was satisfying to see how our skills and approaches progressed. Videotopia created amazing opportunity for me to master a storytelling, acting and filmmaking skills. Created environment was challenging and unique.
What I enjoyed the most was group works, character creating processes and new location discoveries for shootings. We had priceless opportunity to get qualified feedback, to improve performance.
I was surprised how we could create so much, from small details to big ideas, and from ideas to real films. With help of professional mentorship and training sessions, I learnt much more about creative writing and storytelling. Every exercise was giving possibility to approach thing from divers views.
Videotopia also gave me friends, people with whom I share same values and experience. Divers cultural and social space enriched whole project.
To conclude – Experience is knowledge, All the rest is information. And I witnessed, Videotopia is giving youngsters the BEST, lifetime EXPERIENCE” – Mariam Katsitadze.

“Videotopia was the youth exchange that gave us the opportunity to develop important skills such as creativity, mindfulness, editing and more. The most interesting activity was the process of staging theatre directly, which demanded the involvement and activity of all of us.” – Keso Bigvava.

“A year ago a wonderful experience happened, videotopia was created. We traveled to Berlin and spent a wonderful 8 days with friends from Spain, Germany, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We learned about making a movie, using a camera as well as writing a screenplay. Berlin as a city is wonderful and friends from Germany took us through the most interesting parts of the city. It was very exciting.  The workshops in Berlin were effective, all the work that happened then was in a positive spirit and all the participants had a great time. We have made some wonderful films that we are proud of.
Half year later, we gathered again in distant Georgia.  Snowy bakurani added a hint of magical Georgia and embellished our reunion. Friends from Spain saw the snow for the first time and it was nice to see them playful. We enjoyed the Bakuriani. We had a few workshops both acting and writing, we learned to dance Spanish dances and at the end we made some beautiful  films that left a wonderful impression on all of us. Videotopia as a project left very nice impressions on us, we enjoyed learning, hanging out and making movies. I met very good people and made some really good friends who will stay in my life for a long, long time” – Nedim Milanovic.

“My experience in Videotopia has been one of the best of my life. During the weeks that we have been working on audiovisuals, I have learned a lot and have had many opportunities. For example, I have worked as a cameraman, editor and actress. We have shared our knowledge in audiovisuals, and for this we have learned even more. There is also a very nice atmosphere, we are all very good friends and we have shared many good times together.
Although it has been very difficult to say goodbye, we keep the good memories” – Sara.

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