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The first part of the project took place in Yerevan, Armenia and the second part was implemented in Berlin, Germany.

This project provided participants with space to:
– to think of the topics, main challenges and the situation of young people in the partner countries and their role in developing them;
– look for possible solutions;
– learn how to express ourselves and communicate our ideas and visions;
– develop joint public performances;
– foster social and intercultural competencies;
– form a network among like-minded people for developing further exchange projects.

For further information download the INFOPACK.

Participant’s feedback.
“This was my first youth exchange experience, and I can say that it was a very good start to my journey. The energies from all around the world helped me in realising how different yet how similar our daily life is to each other.
It was very inspiring to see a lot of people starting to listen to their bodies and in a way understand themselves better. Hopefully, the group will stay connected to each other through mind and energies. Unforgettable 8 days!
One of the memorable day’s was Vardavar day, July 11th, when we split into groups, and we, Armenians had to guide our groups to specific places to do specific tasks. It was fun to see how everyone was enjoying the water splashing everywhere. The festival made the whole city quest day way more fun and versatile.” – Anoosh Sargsyan.

“Time for your performance is a project that has become a new starting point for me. A place where I again began to feel, listen to others and listen to myself. I could not imagine that in 10 days, different people from 4 countries will become your closest family and home. The concentration of strength, inspiration, support, openness and love. Each training was so honest and inclusive that there was never a feeling of discomfort. Not to be ashamed to be yourself, not to be ashamed to talk about your problems, not to be ashamed of your thoughts – the basis of our 10 days. Despite the fact that the final performance was a real-life fairy tale, I would call everything that happened an everyday performance. Conversations on the balcony, theatrical, musical, psychological, contact trainings, intercultural evenings, exploration of Yerevan, night adventures – forever in every cell of my body. Thank you very much to all the organizers who helped create the magic. Hope to see you soon in Berlin!” – Sofia Nozdryukhina.

“When I applied for the project “Time for Your Performance”, I didn’t expect that so many activities would have a lot to do with my body. At first, I was a bit confused as I’m not a dancer at all, I feel more comfortable in other kinds of art. Nevertheless, thanks to perfect leaders and people around me, everything was so smooth and natural that I’ve seen new sides in myself. I’ve found out that it isn’t so scary to move as you wish in front of the public, I’ve started to think more about my real feelings, worries and wishes thanks to our sessions. I’ve learned to express what bothers me using new knowledge got there from people who are more experienced in performing than me. Furthermore, I appreciate every minute spent there in sunny Armenia with wonderful people. It refreshed me, let me look deeper at my real self and recall what I really love to do in life.” – Olga Savchenko.

“For me, the trip to Armenia was just a trip to a project, as usual for everyone – to get to know new people, have a great time and learn something useful in the process. And I rode without any special expectations, just with the mood for a great pastime. In the process, I fell in love with the country and people so much that I could not imagine for myself before. And the project and the various practices that we went through played a big role in this.
I expected that the project would be focused on physical exercise, dance, stage behaviour, and this was also present, but the huge spiritual and psychological foundation under everything we did became one of the most important components for me. Without going into details, I will say that the project helped me overcome myself in one important personal threshold, which I did not even consider when I thought about what I could take from this experience. I will forever remember those days, our performance in the beautiful Tumo Park and incredibly beautiful people both outside and inside.” – Anastasia Belyaeva.

“Sitting on the train to Yerevan, I was getting excited to join this youth project with the ominous name of “Time for your Performance”. But I was also quite nervous – are 8 days full of body movement, improvisation and “dancing” really my cup of tea?! Turns out they are: It was truly beautiful and inspiring to watch myself and everyone else increasingly gain the confidence to get fully immersed during the activities. 
Trying to choose the one and only most memorable exercise is impossible, but this one was among the best: we started off with a very individual approach. Everyone chose a random object around the room and started investigating it. Mine was an opened, very crumpled and slightly torn paper envelope. After exploring our artefacts from different perspectives, we tried to represent them, shape them, portray them, embody them. Having done so for a few minutes, we started moving together as a group, still personifying our objects, coming closer and closer until we were just one unidentifiable mass of people. The pressure of our bodies was directed towards the middle. From one split second to the next, we all moved in different directions very quickly, spreading all across the room. We did not communicate with each other at all, most of the time we weren’t even looking at each other. But just this one moment, moving from the united core to people being dispersed all over the place, created such a strong sensation and feeling for the group, that it stuck with me. And I think I was not the only one to feel that way. 
Throughout the whole project, each exercise was built on the previous one and it all brought us closer together as a group. It was astonishing how you could literally watch everyone opening up more and more by the hour!” – Fiona Feller.

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