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Know Yourself- leadership
for all

Germany, Portugal, Turkey


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27 participants took part in the youth exchange “Know Yourself: Leadership for all”.
This project addressed the needs of young people to feel comfortable in taking leadership role, when it’s needed by their environment. Lack of confidence was supposed to be dealt with by a) learning, that daily life of each participant, is full of leadership elements, thus, knowing themselves and b) getting practical leadership experience through exercises, with opportunity to lead the group of like-minded peers.

The first exercise was given before the project, each national team was supposed to plan and organize a cultural night.

The youth exchange lasted 10 days.
At the start of the project, participants got to know each other. They shared expectations about the project, fears they had, and contributions they could make.
The first phase of the program was a mixture of improvisation exercises to build confidence, group discussions on leadership and awareness, team activities and reflections. The phase ended with an activity creating session. Each group developed either a game or an activity concept, that they executed during the second phase of the project.

Throughout the project, the participants were involved in the following activities:
– team building exercises;
– improvisation exercises;
– group discussions on leadership, awareness and communication;
– goal setting exercise;
– activity creation session;
– cultural nights.

During the project participants developed, conducted, played and reflected upon the following activities:
– swapping game;
– debates at the beach;
– confessions at the fireplace;
– group beach cleaning;
– volleyball/Football session.

After the project, participants:
– built personal vision of what is inclusion and how leadership can be inclusive;
– tried leadership roles during the activities in a safe space of like-minded peers;
– understood the difference between leaders and managers;
– learned to consider the unique strengths of team members to succeed as a team;
– learn EU opportunities for further leadership development.

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