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larps for youth to use

Germany, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Türkiye


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The project “LARPs For Youth to Use” consisted in 2 parts – 1 training in Berlin and 1 youth exchange in Berlin. It envolved young people from Germany, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Türkiye.

The project addressed the needs of young people to express themselves, and have a creative method of interaction with their peers in order to discuss issues, that bothers them, or of which they would like to form their own opinion. The project showed them how the method can be practiced and implemented in their working environment. The project was based on the methods of non-formal education.

The youth exchange lasted for 10 days and consisted of 2 phases. In the first phase, participants were getting accustomed to the method. And second phase was dedicated to writing Role-Playing City Explorations Experience and Simulation Games scripts and play-testing them.

For our “LARPs for Youth to Use” youth exchange, participants from Germany, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey gathered in Berlin. After learning Live Action Role Play theory and playing pre-made LARPs in the first few days, they focused on developing, adjusting and testing out their own simulation games which would be inclusive for people with various disabilities.

During the project, the participants were involved in the following activities:
– LARP, Simulation Game and non-formal education related lectures and discussions after them;
– practical experience of playing LARPs, with steady rise in complexity of the games;
– workshops on developing different aspects of the game script;
– workshop on writing Role Playing city exploration experience;
– team-building exercises to unite the international group, build bonds in smaller teams and teach them how to incorporate such activities during their LARP sessions in future;
– creative process of writing simulation games in teams using and guidance sessions with mentors;
– conducting the freshly-written LARPs for a safe audience of peers to test and adjust scripts;
– learning European Youth Goals in small teams.

After the training, participants:
– have own understanding of what is LARP;
– have a self-made LARP scenario to use with their immediate circle;
– have tools on developing role-playing activities like city exploration and simulation games on their own;
– know where to find free to use ready scenarios;
– have a set of ideas how to make Simulation game “barrier-free” for their target audience;
– have a great team-building tool to use in their work/study/friends community.

Also participants developed 5 Role Playing City Exploration experiences based on the European Union Youth Goals. The topics were: sexual harassment at public spaces,  environmental activism, coping mechanics of park exploration for people with mental difficulties,  surveying Berliners on quality of education and social issues.

In the second phase of the exchange, they’ve developed 7 simulation games about:
– importance of fair and equal access to knowledge and education;
– about consequences of deforestation;
– equal rights at school for people who are facing barriers;
– debates on topics of environment, unemployment, equal rights;
– job interview with prejudices against female candidates.

For further information download the INFOPACK.

Participant’s Feedback
“I had a chance to participate Erasmus+ youth exchange project called “LARPs For Youth to Use” as a group leader of the Turkish team. During this Project, I had an opportunity to meet new people, get to know about other cultures, explore the amazing city of Berlin, and get further information about LARP (Live Action Role Playing). The awareness about LARP that I got from this experience showed me that LARP is a method unlike other media. It engages all of the senses, mind, emotions, and body. Getting to know more about this concept, seeing myself taking the first steps of designing a game with the skills I gained, and spending a lot of unforgettable moments with amazing people make me feel very pleased about the project. I am taking this chance to thank CHANCE International for their hard work during all phases of this project.” – Alper Can.

“Before I attended this project, I didn’t know anything about LARPS. And now, not only do I know what live action role-plays mean, but I also created my own game. It was one of my favorite youth exchange experiences because I could use my creativity by being surrounded by smart and ingenious people. My favorite part of this program was expanding my own mindset by putting myself into different characters. I think the concept of LARPs should be approached more for education purposes, because the results can be amazing. I am really thrilled that my team and I succeeded, based on our ideas and with our facilitators’ help, in creating a LARP until the end of the project. I think I’ve learned a lot in the past week and I would be really glad if other people would be interested in learning more about this concept.” – Ilinca Chițu.

“This was my first Erasmus+ project, so it was even more meaningful to me. I did not know anything about LARPs before the project. In a short period of 9 days, I made many new friends, shared my culture and learned something new every day. Experiencing this project in an amazing city like Berlin was even more enjoyable. Thanks to the project, I improved my creativity and broke out of some of the molds I had created. In addition, I can use the LARP to empathize with minority groups facing various problems and then I can develop new solutions. I’m a mathematician so I also want to use LARP on math education. Mathematics is so boring for everybody but in my opinion, it can be more enjoyable with LARP. It was a great experience for me, thank you to everyone involved. I’m so happy to meet everyone and I hope we will meet again one day.” – Öykü Kaplan.

“I participated in the project on “Live Action Role Playing Game” organized by CHANCE international and supported by the European Union. Since I knew about LARPs before, I had no difficulty in adapting to the project. We had a pleasant briefing process where I learned the details. I have found a very nice and fun harmony with the people I have just met. Although we come from completely different backgrounds, we found a common point and spent 8 days very enjoyable. I am returning to Turkey with fun memories, valuable friendships and lots of new information. Thank you.” – İrem Albayrak.

“I have participated in LARPs for Youth to Use Youth Exchange in Berlin,Germany. This project gathered people together from Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and Germany in the age of 16-30. Through this Youth Exchange, we experienced several types of LARPs and learned what LARP is. We developed skills to prepare LARPs from basis and how to use it for educational or fun purposes. In the other hand we shared our culture, taught each other our languages made unforgettable memories, explored Berlin and enjoyed our youth.” – Göksel Çekçi.

“Before the beginning of this project I had no idea what LARPs are and I didn’t know what to expect. The project gave me a lot. It was really interesting for me to learn about LARPs and simulation games and how I can use them in my life. I met a lot of new people, with whom I will definitely keep contact after the project.In addition, it was great to get to know more about other cultures and I’m very motivated now to visit new countries and to learn new languages. I also want so say thank you to our facilitator Ivan, because he did a great job and was always ready to help us. Thanks to this project, I got the opportunity not only to learn about Live Action Role Play, but also to have nice time with beautiful people.” – Arina Belovolova.

“After seeing information about LARPs project in a Facebook group I became interested in live action roleplay and decided to try it out. In the project we had many interesting sessions where we learned how to create our own live action roleplays. I had a chance to meet many friendly people from all over europa, discovered different cultures and explored Berlin. I especially liked doing LARPS on our own in the city center. I really advise young people to have an experience like this and go abroad with an Erasmus+ project as it builds character and improves your language and communication skills.” – Korbinian Gaigl.

“Retrospectively, the days spent in Berlin stand as a memorable multi-layer learning experience. Having gone through it, I can pleasantly recall the connections made with fellow participants and like-minded individuals eager to expand their views. The cooperation between the organizers and our host CHANCE International made for a smooth event. Which in effect created an environment where theory was met with abundant practice and the results now can speak for themselves. It was a pleasure to be a part of it and Happy-Larping!” – Algirdas Griška.

“When I came to this project about LARPs I expected fun. I wanted to play some games and laugh. When people to started to cry and we experienced emotional moments together, I realized that this project is way more. Thanks for leading me through these transformational experiences and enabling me to create them for others too.” – Martin Stollberg.

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